Saving lives is the most noble and honorable human mission ever. We believe that there are millions and millions of blood donors and people who help to raise awareness and promote the idea of voluntary blood donation or support blood drive campaigns all over the world. World Blood Donor Day is a tribute to their sacrifice and generosity. Anonymous heroes, so many they are, we want to thank them all. We celebrate every blood donation, every life saved, and we honor each and every one who makes this miracle of life possible. 

Since 1995 IFBDO had been organizing International Blood Donor Day with that purpose. In 2002 IFBDO turned to World Health Organization, to the International Federation of Red Cross Societies and to the International Society of Blood Transfusion, putting forward the initiative of creating a global event recognized by the United Nations, to honor blood donors worldwide. Late in 2003 those negotiations ended up successfully, and all four organizations signed an agreement establishing World Blood Donor Day. The first World Blood Donor Day was celebrated in 2004. During the World Health Assembly in 2005 Ministers of Health of all World Health Organization member states unanimously adopted a resolution that recognized voluntary unpaid blood donors as the essencial source of safe and adequate blood, and recommended to include World Blood Donor Day celebration into National Blood Programs. World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14th every year.